Wednesday, January 4, 2012

signs that it could be a DEAD END

1. give me what i want !
-korang je yg bagi .dia ??HOPELESS!

2. kau g lah terbang sorang2.
- sorang je yg put all his/her effort utk relation tu. sorg lg??ZZZZ

3. bosan dowh date dgn kau !
- contoh cm dy lbey plih nk kua g mmncing dgn kwn2 dri date ngn korang lah. WHAT??!

4. mcm budak2lah kau ni.GROW UP PLISS
- relation yg knon nye lbey dewasa ni only causes permanent distrust in each other.

p/s: trust me .i know how it feel ..especially right now.

arisha sudah membebel .Suka ? Like lerr ..